Erasmus + Traineeship


DESCRIPTION: Erasmus+ is the EU Programme in the fields of education, training, youth and sport for the period 2021-2027. Education, training, youth and sport are key areas that support citizens in their personal and professional development.
  • Must be a student
  • Time since graduation: student / recent graduate

Possible participants of the programme are students and recent graduates (up to one year after graduation) studying at a European Higher Education institution (Universities and Vocational Education and Training institutions).

Students who can apply are the ones still studying or have recently graduated (students can do the traineeship in the period of up until one year after graduation, but they have to apply for the traineeship before graduating)


Students can spend from minimum 2 to maximum 12 months for each cycle of study (maximum 12 months as a Bachelors student, again 12 months during the Master, and 12 months during the PhD).


The level of grant funding you can get depends on the destination country, with those travelling to more expensive locations getting higher amounts.

Once accepted into the program your monthly grant will be calculated and delivered in two payments. The total figure is based on the actual number of months you are on placement. Each university establishes its own payment percentages, to know exactly how much you will receive in each payment, contact your university.
FROM: Countries participating in ERASMUS +
TO: Countries participating in ERASMUS +