Becas IVACE Exterior


DESCRIPCIÓN: This grant aims to provide companies and organizations in the Valenciana Comunidad with qualified personnel specialized in foreign trade through the training and professional specialization of young people with university degrees, as well as through internships on the various aspects that affect the internationalization process.
  • Duración máxima de la movilidad: 12 meses
  • Edad máxima: 30 años
  • Debe ser europeo
  • Tiempo desde la graduación: You must have a university degree. No time limit (but less than 30 years old)

-Have Spanish nationality or be a citizen of the Union or of the States Parties to the European Economic Agreement or Switzerland or be a foreigner holding a residence permit in Spanish territory that allows him/her to work.
-Be registered in any city in Spain.
-Be more than 16 years old and less than 30 years old at the time of registration.
-Not have worked on the calendar day before the application submission date.
-Not have received educational actions on the calendar day before the application submission date.
-You must not have received training on the calendar day before the date of application.
-Present an express declaration of interest in participating in the Youth Guarantee National System, acquiring the commitment of active participation in the actions carried out within the scope of the Youth Guarantee.


The financial endowment will consist of;
- A general pecuniary allocation
- An economic allocation to cover travel expenses to the destination and return
-IVACE will be responsible for the following expenses inherent to the scholarship, which will be considered as remuneration in kind.
(a) Accident and sickness insurance for persons assigned abroad, which will be contracted directly by IVACE.
b) Other expenses paid by the grant holder and which will be later reimbursed by IVACE after presentation of the respective justification, such as:
- In cases where a visa is required, the costs of permanence fees at the assigned destination.
- Language courses, except English, with prior authorization from IVACE, in destinations where the knowledge and/or improvement of the local language is necessary for the proper development of the scholarship.
-Costs of vaccinations required for the stay at the assigned destination.

IVACE will provide the grant holder with a computer, upon subscription of the corresponding temporary use conditions document where the obligations of maintenance and return of the computer will be specified.
DESDE: Comunidad Valenciana, España