PROMOS (Germany)


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DESCRIPTION: PROMOS, a scholarship program offered by the German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD for short, is financed by the German Ministry of Education and Research.
  • Durée minimale de mobilité: 2 mois
  • Durée maximale de mobilité: 6 mois

-RWTH students from any faculty who – in a country eligible for funding through PROMOS
-Are planning a semester abroad
-Wish to complete a thesis or project
-Wish to complete an internship
-You have not received any funding from the PROMOS or Voss program so far.
-You have already received confirmation of your stay abroad.
-You are not receiving any other scholarships for the stay from German public funds, -RWTH, the host university, or the host country. You can find more information under the Scholarship Details section below


You will have the option of applying for a PROMOS or Voss Scholarship via this application portal either by March 15 or by September 15. The portal will be open starting one month before each deadline. The March 15 deadline only applies to stays that begin in the year of application. The September 15 deadline applies to stays that either take place in the year of application or the subsequent year.


A partial scholarship of at least 350 euros per month is awarded. The PROMOS program is not responsible for any organizational support in planning your stay. It is solely a funding program
AU: Outside European Union