THE BEST TALENT for your business
Selection platform
1. Publish your offer.
2. Review applicant profiles.
3. Select potential candidates.
TX managements
1. We take care of the documents for foreigners.
2. We do the impossible in record time.
Integral recruitment
1. Tell us your vacancy description and requirements.
2. We select the best candidate.
3. We prepare all the documents.
Selection platform
Selection platform
Post your offer and select the best candidate from among the 20,000 profiles on our platform.
You are the recruiter
Generate your offer and take advantage of our platform.
Review all the applications to your offer or search in our platform for suitable profiles.
You filter
Review the candidates and interview the best ones.
Accept as many candidates as you want during 60 days.
Want more candidates?
We receive new registrations all the time.
You can extend the offer duration and receive even more candidates.
TX managements
TX managements
We solve all your foreign staff documentation problems in record time.
We manage the permits and visas for your non-EU workers or trainees.
Your peace of mind is our priority.
We manage all the formalities and certificates for your foreign workers or trainees.
Avoid unnecessary surprises.
Are you going to hire? Call us beforehand, and we will prepare the ground for you to be able to subsidise the hiring with grants and public aid.
Benefit from our know how.
Integral recruitment
Integral recruitment
Decide on the vacancy to be filled, and we will take care of the selection process and the documentation.
1. The offer
After registration on the platform, generate the vacancy with the tasks and skills required. You pay the deposit, and we start recruiting (in case of cancellation, we reimburse you).
2. Search
Our specialists carry out the selection process from our 20,000 active registered students, as well as publicise the offer in our network of educational instituions.
3. Analysis and Filters
We analyse all possible candidates, verify them and interview them.
We will only send you the best talent and that matches the offer requirements.
4. Interview
Organise the interview directly in our platform, or require a test of their skills.
If the candidate does not meet your expectations, we will rectify the search parameters and send you another.
5. Documentation
We manage all the necessary documentation procedures.
You won't need to worry about labour inspections, and you will always have access to all documents of the relationship.
6. Pay-per-hire
Pay for the service only when the candidate is accepted and the documentation formalized.
You will have guaranteed administrative support for as long as the candidate is with the company.

The 3 steps

1. Enter your company information.
2. Describe your ideal candidate, skills and tasks.
3. Create your offer.
Review the candidate
1. We send you the best candidates.
2. You can interview and test them.
3. You can reject them, they will be notified, and we will send you more.
Receive your candidate
1. Accept the perfect candidate
2. We process the necessary documentation.
3. We provide support during the whole internship process.
Services & solutions
Services & solutions
TX managements Selection platform Integral recruitment
Public offer
Candidate preselection
Don't waste time, TX does it for you!
Receive the ideal candidate
Highly trained and speaking the language you require.
Internships, recent graduates and juniors.
We manage your documents
We take care of the paperwork, so you can feel safe in case of labour inspections.
We provide support for obtaining grants and subsidies.
Navigate intuitively on our platform
All your needs integrated and optimized.
Access your statistics and receive constant support.

Register on our platform and receive the best international talent without worrying about the paperwork.

Go international
Native speakers of the country you want to expand into
Get native speakers of French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese... and retain this talent in your company. All with a high level of English.
We select the best candidate
We bring you talent from top universities to expand your customer network and expand your business by generating content targeted to your plans abroad.
Access grants and subsidies for growth
Whether to support your expansion or to hire an internship student. Trust our know-how and let us guide you.
A decade of success
We select the best candidates
Don't waste your time on platforms with millions of unupdated or fake profiles.
Our candidates are available, and we select them from the best universities.
We are result driven
The payment for our services is only charged when the internship relation is formalised.
We are here for you.
We accompany throughout the internship period
Trust us, we won't let you down.
20.000 +
Active in our platform
40 +
Where we work. Talent from all continents thanks to our partner network.
150 +
With which we collaborate. Access our network of universities and get the best profiles.
400 +
Already trust us.