• With TX, clients can sign up, free of charge, on the Web site of TX and automatically be registered on it, in order to benefit of extensive information upon the existing programs.

  • With TX, clients benefit of services and tools, specially designed to present all the possibilities and offers, only with a click on the TX platform (

  • With TX, clients benefit of drafting and management procedure upon the necessary documentation, for starting the process of recruitment. Nevertheless, any modification that interferes in the documents made by TX, once the relation between the Client and Candidate began, would be free of charge.

  • With TX, clients benefit of consultancy services upon any subject related to the programs of European fellowship (grants) or any other geographical scope.

TX will write and operate (where applicable), exclusively, with the documentation that it is indispensable to the candidate, in order to realize his internship in the Client’s Company.

Under no circumstances, TX would be responsible in case that the client needs additional documents from its provenance country, like for example, documents related to the Employment Services or Local Authorities, as, this enters in the candidate´s attributions and it is in his task, to manage and acknowledge the rest of the formalities.

Prices are specified on TX web site and communicated in the moment that the client fills up the practice offer´s form.

Discounts have a confidential character.

All prices exclude VAT. The VAT that corresponds to the services of TX is of 21%. Thus, for the clients who dispose of the intra-company registration of the European Union, the price of services would be also exempt of IVA.

Clients can consult the registration at the next link:

TX reserves the right to modify its prices on the strength of its terms. None of the changes are retroactive.

The client shall effectuate the following steps, imposed by the Term of Use, in order that the procedure could take place:

  1. The payment of 30%, in advance, from the offer´s price that was presented on
  2. The payment of the remaining 70%, after TX states the service, as being finished.

The whole amount must be integrally paid.

The payment will be effectuated via gateway payment provided by Banco de Sabadell, in this way, on

Clients should create an account on, in order that they could benefit of this services. Contrariwise, TX reserves the right to decline its services to the clients in this matter.

The services procedure would not start if the client did not carried out his 30% payment from the price.

Once the Client published an internship offer and the service is initiated (see clause above), from he will receive ONE Candidate that matches the internship offer.

TX offers the possibility of having an interview in order to meet the Candidate. Moreover, if the Client decides, he could propose independently of TX services, a technical test to the Candidate.

Once all this possibilities have been completed, the Client should decide:

  • (i) If the Candidate fits to the position of the internship offer, and to accept it, if the case

  • (ii) Contrariwise, decline the Candidate, in case of objective reasons.

If (ii), the Client has the possibility of receiving ONE more Candidate and the procedure starts again.

Even though TX provides a new Candidate (only ONE) each time the Client requests it (only five times previous to the Finalization clause), TX does not give the Client the possibility of choosing between Candidates and does not guarantee that the declined Candidate would be available for the requested position.

TX can cancel any internship if during the procedure of the recruiting process and/or after the trainee was accepted in the following situations:

  • 1) Trainee try to negotiate with the company any of the conditions in any moment of the process.

  • 2) Trainee delay the starting date of the internship.

  • 3) Trainee doesn't answer our emails, phone calls, or other methods (Skype, WhatsApp's,...) for more than 5 working days.

  • 4) Trainee lies or hides information during any moment of the procedure.

In all this situation TX will be not responsible for the expenses that the trainees were incurred. Moreover, TX will be able to ask for compensation to the trainee for this cancellation.

The recruitment ending service shall be produced only when TX has managed to accomplish all the necessary documents that the recruitment procedure requires, in order that the client and the candidate could start their activity. Thus, finalization occurs only when there are true documents, acknowledged and signed by all stakeholders, which certify its validity.

The Client can interfere in the process (basically, could end up an internship offer) nevertheless, with the following consequences related to the recruitment service:

  1. On the one hand, if the Client rejected all the candidates, since the offer from, the 30% of the price, paid in advance, would be refunded.

  2. On the other hand, if the Client decides to end up an internship offer, but previously, accepted one or more candidates, wherewith, the finalization did not occur, TX, would not refund de 30% of the payment to its Client, on the strength of the vacancy places occupied by the Candidate. As for the rest of 70% of the price, they will not be required.

  3. Thirdly, in case that, the Client has accepted one or more candidates and the recruitment finalization has occurred, TX, would not refund 30% reserved for the vacant places and in addition, the 70% left, would be requested.

Nevertheless, if TX declares its insolvency, it would stop offering its services and goes into liquidation.

Therefore, the relation starts when the Client has chosen one of the Candidates from the platform whom requires all the conditions imposed by the specific position. The confirmation shall be seen directly on the site, or in an exceptional case, sent by e-mail.

TX can end up the contract in the following cases:

(i) In case that the Client NEGLECTS the Terms and Conditions of the platform and if the problem that occurred cannot be solved in an interval of 10 days from the notification, with a written document from TX.

(ii) In case that the Client becomes insolvent, stops its commercial activity or goes into liquidation.

(iii) In case that the Client, breaks the relation with TX SERVICES, and directly contacts the Candidates or the Universities, without utilising the platform of TX, for the usage of the presented offers.

(iv) In case that the Client does not respond diligently to the petitions of TX.


  1. When a Candidate it is selected by TX and The Client acknowledges the matching but he does not give a feedback to the Candidate within 10 days.
  2. When the Client does not send, sign and/or validate, within 5 days, the documents that were required by TX.

(v) In case that the Client declines a number of Candidates (5) without justification and for a prolonged period.


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This webpage uses cookies. The cookies are small text archives generated for web pages that you visit, those which contain session data that can be useful later in the web page. Thus, the cookies remember information about your web habits, which can facilitate your next visit and as a result make the website more useful.

This webpage uses cookies. The cookies are small text archives generated for web pages that you visit, those which contain session data that can be useful later in the web page. Thus, the cookies remember information about your web habits, which can facilitate your next visit and as a result make the website more useful.

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